Congratulations to Inland Empire New Officers 2020-2021

Executive Board

President: Peter Gallerani 

Vice President: Violeta Velazquez

Second Vice President: Nicole Palomino

Secretary: Ethel Maravilla

Treasurer: Jessica Escobedo

New Committee Appointments

Education/Training Committee Chair: Erlinda Towler 

Jillian Hernandez

Veterans Chair: Margaret Martin 

Nicole Palomino (See Second Vice President Above)

Membership Chair: Jessica Escobedo (See Treasurer Above)

Violeta Velazquez (See First Vice President Above)

Jillian Hernandez (See Education and Training Committee Above)

Communications Chair: Violet Velazquez

Erlinda Towler (See Education/Trainining Chair Above)

Jillian Hernandez (See Education/Trainining Committee Above)

Community Affairs Chair: Sylvia Espinoza-Logan

Nicole Palomino (See Second Vice President Above)

Awards Chair: Margaret Martin  (See Veterans Chair Above)

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