The CWC has a need for an Executive Office Manager/Cal-Liope Editor

The Executive Office Manager/ Cal-Liope Editor/ Salary $300.00 (Monthly)

Duties for the position:

(a)   Editing, and electronic distribution of the Organization’s Newsletter, the Cal-Liope.

(1)  Provides the Finance Committee the estimated costs for creation of the Cal-Liope by the contracted service provider for the new fiscal year.

(2)  Establishes the deadline for receipt of materials for each issue: e.g., articles, new items, reports, publicity, pictures, etc.

(3)  Receives news from CWC officers, committee chairpersons, Local Chapter presidents and other sources.

(4)  Included in the Cal-Liope:

a.    Notices, proceedings, training and publicity for District training and CWC Conventions and Educational Conferences.

b.    Reports of meetings of the CWC Board of Directors.

c.     Notices and/or reports of Local Chapter activities.

d.    Publicity on awards programs and contests.

e.    Notice of any change in the amount of the annual dues.

f.      Information about candidates for CWC offices.

(5)  Will send an alert to the EDD Directorates office that the Cal-Liope is available online for EDD employees.

(b)   Maintains an Executive Office for the CWC by teleworking from home, using equipment and supplies of the CWC. The contractor maintains the digital/or original records, files and archives of the CWC.

(1) Receives and files reports presented to the CWC Board of
Directors or membership in Convention by CWC officers and committees, Local Chapters, the Karl E. Bybee Education Foundation Board, etc.
(2) Receives the files, equipment, records and supplies of any special committees whose terms expire and disposes of them as directed by the CWC Board of Directors.

(c) Notifies the Secretary of State, at the beginning of the Administrative Year, of the name and address of the new President, Treasurer and Executive Office Manager. Such notification is required by law. The address of the CWC’s principal office is
not changed when new officers take office. New office address: XXXX XXXXX, CA  Zip code.

(d) Billing Process for EDD

(1) The Membership Coordinator by July 15 will send two alphabetical membership lists, one for Rank & File and one for Exempt, that need to be submitted to EDD.  These lists need to be submitted to EDD within five days of receipt from the Membership Coordinator for the validation of membership.

(2) When the lists are returned by EDD, these lists need to be sent to the Membership Coordinator within five days of receipt.

(3) The list process may involve several back and forth returns until the list information is verified.

(4) When the validation process is completed, the Membership Coordinator will send the validated lists to the Executive Office Manager for submission to EDD.

(5)  Send billing letters to the Controller’s Office once the information is verified. 

(6) Will maintain communications via email, video conferencing, texting or by phone with the CWC President, Executive Board, and the Board of Directors.

Qualification for the position:

1. Knowledge of Photoshop and other computer software platforms such as Adobe to create, edit, and update documents for Cal-Liope use.

2. Work history for the last two years to include skills in Word, Excel, WordPress, etc.

3. Permit a background check.

4. Prefer a person with an AA degree.

5. Be able to maintain a working relationship with the Marketing Chair Team.

6. Provide two samples of written materials with applications.

Please respond with your resume by close of business January 22, 2021 to:  Val Moeller at: or Ray Cabrera at:


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