Book Club Next Meeting July 7, 2022

Hello Book Club team,


The 4th Law of Atomic Habits, Make It Satisfying,  offered some great takeaways:

Use reinforcement: Give yourself an immediate reward when you complete your habit.
Make “doing nothing” enjoyable. When avoiding a bad habit, design a way to see the benefits.
Use a habit tracker. Keep track of your habit streak and “don’t break the chain.”
Never miss twice.  When you forget to do a habit, make sure you get back on track immediately.
Our discussions these past weeks have been so helpful in helping to understand key concepts of habit formation; concepts that are very important in establishing leadership skills.

The discussion schedule for the Atomic Habits is as follows:

Thursday PM Meeting

Date                                                 Section
July 7, 2022                     Advanced Tactics:  How to Go from Being Merely Good to Being Truly Great

Announcement of next Book Club Selection
Regarding the next Book Club selection, here are three choices that have been suggested by Book Club participants:

The Way of Integrity by Martha Beck
How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie
True North: Discover Your Authentic Leadership by Bill George
Please let me know your choice by the end of June.

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“It’s not about becoming legendary, it’s about fulfilling your own potential.”– Atomic Habits by James Clear

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