Meet the New CWC Executive Officer Manager Violeta (Violet) Velazquez

Violeta (Violet) Velazquez

California Workforce Connection Executive Office Manager Found  by Raymond Cabrera/ District 4 Director, IE member

In an email to the State CWC Board, State President Dr. James Thomas announced that Violeta
(Violet) Velazquez was offered the position of Executive Office Manager/Cal-Liope Editor, and she has accepted.
Violeta is an Employment Program Manager II currently working in Workforce Services Branch (WSB)
as the San Bernardino Alternate Cluster Manager. She is a graduate of the University of San Diego
with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, in addition to a Certificate in Human Resources Management
from Cal-State Fullerton. She is skilled in day-to-day operations, project management, coaching,
mentoring, organizing, planning, setting priories utilizing her time management skills in meeting deadlines.
Violeta is a 22-year member of CWC, and has previously served in various capacities such as the
Communications and Management Liaison chair for the Inland Empire local chapter. She has a
passion for coaching, training, mentoring, and is a strong proponent of continuous learning and
professional development. She has experience utilizing Adobe, MS Office, Canva, and Photoshop software.
She is presently the second Vice President and communications chair for the CWC Inland Empire
local chapter as well as editor of the “Inland Empire Insider” newsletter.
When she was informed that she was the selected candidate of the position, Violeta said,
"I am very excited about what lies ahead, and know this upcoming term will be a transformative experience for all."
Violeta will undergo a six-month probationary period and will be mentored by the current and out-
going office manager, Evette Quevedo, who has obtained her Master’s Degree in Public
Administration, emphasis in Nonprofit Management. We wish them both the very best in their new endeavors.

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