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About us

The California Workforce Connection is an association of individuals dedicated to and interested in enhancing their individual competencies, knowledge and proficiency engaged in all occupations in the field of workforce development, training, and related programs. Through a forum and exchange of information, our members endeavor to support each other in their continued self-improvement, support of administrators in carrying out programs, and promoting public and legislative awareness on policy matters affecting these programs. Our members contribute to their communities and their economic well-being, through fellowship among persons engaged in these programs.

Through the established Board of Directors, the California Workforce Connection reaches out to members via local chapters and representatives. Contact your local chapter for more information.

Our Mission

The California Workforce Connection empowers individuals with the skills to be successful through mentoring, coaching, visionary leadership and educational training.

Our Vision

The California Workforce Connection will transition professions for evolutionary leadership changes and demographic partnerships.

Developing the Workforce of the Future

Thanks to CWC for providing a close-knit-community network to Workforce Development Professionals. I joined CWC in 2016 to gain a better understanding of Public Sector’s perspective to apply in my own career. Through participation in key events, I have gained insights in how to help Higher Education Institutions leverage their Technology investments to develop the Workforce of the Future. I appreciate the opportunity to present, speak, and learn with the outstanding public sector professionals and am proud to be a member.

Thesha Sims

Adobe, Senior Customer Success Manager

I enjoy and have benefited from this organization because I get to meet different people from other branches of EDD. I have built a contact list which helps to benefit my veterans as well as myself. I enjoy the education part of CWC. The twice a year state conferences are very important to the members and helps with knowing what other functions are within EDD.

Rick Partridge

Member, 18 years

Being a part of California Workforce Connection has given me real life experience that hiring managers are looking for. I have been able to be a part of budgetary committees, event planning committees, and up-dating by-laws committees, among other committees. I have also been able to practice my professional writing with writing articles for the Cal-Liope and writing up award nominations for submission for year-end awards at the Annual State Conference.

Melissa Lauritzen

2020-2021 President, California Workforce Connection
1st Vice President, CWC Sacramento Subchapter

The California Workforce Connection leadership organization taught me anyone can be a leader, even if you aren’t in management. The best part is sharing information with other members (many of which become friends) striving to be better leaders. I gain so much inspiration and knowledge by participating in the multitude of organizational events at both state and local chapter levels; Educational Conferences, Mock Interview Workshops, Manager Mingles, Member Cruises, CWC Book Club, writing articles for the Cal-Liope newsletter, fundraising for local children and veteran charities, and the list goes on! Active membership has its privileges and you reap so many rewards! Before I joined this organization, I didn’t know how to manage a board or committee, write Bylaws or Operating Procedures, how to partner with another organization, write articles for a newsletter, and so many other things. Joining this organization has definitely been a personal and professional benefit.

Tanya Davidson

California Workforce Connection, Sacramento Chapter President

Thanks to a Bybee Grant Award which reimbursed me for an Excel training I was able to improve my skills and in turn provide training to my fellow EDD employees organized through various the sub-Chapters in Southern California. I felt this training helped me with my career development and enjoyed giving back to my colleagues.

Felix Mejia

Puerto Del Sol, Bybee Grant Recipient

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