Award of Distinction 

Recognizes outstanding contributions to CA Chapter or to workforce development programs. The recipient(s) must be from the private sector or a non-governmental, non-profit organization and not employed by a workforce development entity.

  • Individual Nominee: Senator Archuleta
  • Group: No Nominees

Meritorious Award:

Recognizes outstanding service or achievement beyond normal expectations or job requirements that benefit CWC and the workforce development field. Nominees demonstrated individual initiative and creativity outside of their job responsibilities.

  •  Individual Nominees:
    • Fred Ruibal 
    • Arlene Bautista 
    • Tam Granflor
  •  Group: No Nominees

Customer Service Award:

Recognizes exceptional service to customers served throughout the workforce system including, but not limited to work with job seekers, UI claimants, businesses, schools, and vocational rehabilitation, people with disabilities, former felons, co-workers, youths, welfare recipients, and job training participants.

  • Individual Nominees:
    • Paula Duarte
    • Liliana Benjarano
  • Group Nominees: 
    • Rancho Diminquez Summeer Youth Program Unit:  Cecilia Gutierrez, Vicky Munoz, Jasmin Martinez, Joe Gaxiola, Tyrone Carroll Jr., Alex Lares, Lauren Williams, Alexis Carter, and Jacqueline Gomez

UIB Riverside: Trianna Hunter, Jennie Vasquez, Kelly Norwood, Mega Rivera, Monique Tirado-Price, Juanita Ahumada, Jacinda Peyer, Cheryl Wiese, Yvonne Croil, and Roderick Shackelford

Services to Veterans Award:

Recognizes those who have done the most to assist veterans and promote interest in their rights in the workplace. In addition, it recognizes an outstanding, innovative program or awareness and promotion of veterans’ interests and rights in the workforce.

  • Individual Nominees:
    • Emmqnuel Eyo
    • Andres Massol
  • Group Nominees:
    • 042 Veterans Group; Stephen Springer, Christopher Wolff and Frank Fletcher

Retiree Award:

Recognizes a retiree who has shown continued outstanding commitment to the association’s objectives following retirement. Nominees should have demonstrated exceptional accomplishments in advancing CWC objectives, e.g. leadership on a board, committee or initiative group (not restricted to CWC, participation in educational, membership, communication, fund-raising or legislative activities; mentoring chapter leaders and/ or participation that advances the member’s local community.

  • Individual: No Nominees

Employee Performance Award (EDD & Partners):

Recognizes an individual or group who has gone above and beyond their assigned duties to provide outstanding service to the public through excellent performance. The Nominee must have demonstrated exceptional achievements that contributed to the smooth performance of operations through positive attitude, accuracy, representing the agency with the public, handling workload under unusual conditions, adaptability, initiative and dependability.

  • Individual Workforce Services Nominees:
    • Walter Orellana
    • Mai Su
    • Melanie Bautista
  • Group Workforce Service Nominees:
    • Garden Grove RESEA Team: Maria Crespo, Tommy Le, Audrian Nguyen, Daniel Onofre, Alicia Patmon, Huy Pham, Vickie Sanchez, Linda Taylor, Glory Turcios, Katie Vu and Jenny Wang

  Compton TAA Unit: Alma Diaz and Helen Cabrera

  • Individual Unemployment Insurance Branch Nominees:
    • Debbie Cravens
    • Ruben Valdez
    • Karen Phun
    • Charles Freeman
    • Crystal Ortiz
  • Group Unemployment Insurance Branch Nominees:
    • Overpayment Team: Luis Mora, Thu Cai, Erika Manzanares and Maria Bueno
  • State Disability Insurance Individual Nominees:
    • Manuel Ramoz 
    • Alfonso Flores

Fostering Partnerships Award:

Recognizes individuals or groups who have demonstrated diligent efforts to partner with EDD and or the CWC; while collaboratively delivering valuable and innovative services to meet the evolving needs of members, employers, workers, and job seekers.

  • Individual: No Nominees
  • Group: No Nominees

Toll Trust:

The Toll Trust Award was established to present an annual award to a California member whose activities or accomplishments contribute most to the advancement of CWC activities and are exclusive of job performance. Nominees must be members during the prior year and at the time the award is presented. Accomplishments may span a period before the calendar year, but must be continuous into the previous calendar year.

  • Individual: No Nominees

2019-2020 Local Chapter Award Winners


Local Chapter Recognition

  • Small Chapter- No Award
  • Medium Chapter – Cabrillo del Rio
  • Large Chapter – Inland Empire

Overall Chapter Activity Award 
  • Orange Empire

Chapter Activities

Local Chapter Recognition

  • Small Chapter – East Bay
  • Medium Chapter – Cabrillo del Rio
  • Large Chapter – Orange Empire


Local Chapter Recognition

  • Small Chapter
  • Medium Chapter
  • Large Chapter


Local Chapter Recognition

  • Small Chapter
  • Medium Chapter
  • Large Chapter

Most Improved Chapter:
  • East Bay Chapter

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