Toll Trust


The Toll Trust Award was established to present an annual award to a California member whose activities or accomplishments contribute most to the advancement of CWC activities and are exclusive of job performance. Nominees must be members during the prior year and at the time the award is presented. Accomplishments may span a period before the calendar year, but must be continuous into the previous calendar year. Some of the accomplishments considered include:

  • Level of commitment
  • Investment of time
  • Years of service
  • Association Pride
  • Fundraising
  • Legislative Action
  • Sustained effort
  • Promotion of membership
  • Professionalism
  • Volunteerism
  • Local Chapter Mentoring
  • Program planning and assistance


Look around your local chapter and your office to see who has made a special contribution to California Workforce Connection, kept your chapter working, brought in new members, and write your nomination in the form of a narrative and email, no later than March 1st of each year to:

  •  Toll Trust Award: Verletta Moeller, Past Presidents Association Chair:


Nominations are then reviewed and voted on by all the current past presidents and the award is presented as part of the Awards Ceremony as part of the Annual Educational Conference.

Toll Trust Winners

1973-74: Donald Page

1977-78: Dorothy Booker

1981-82: Delores Ellingson

1985-86: Arnold Hamilton

1989-90: Bill McDaniel

1993-94: Evelyn Fleming

1996-97: No Nominee

2000-01: Helen Davalos

2004-05: Nanette Bowman

2008-09: No Nominee

2012-13: Sherrill Longworth

2016-17: Tom Sims

2020-21: Arlene Bautista

1974-75: No Nominee

1978-79: Jacqy Simonian

1982-83: Ben Taskesh’ta

1986-87: Pat Thornton

1990-91: Jackie Walker

1994-95: Joanne Sherrill

1997-98: Wanda Estevene

2001-02: Marie Washington

2005-06: Verletta Moeller

2009-10: Raymond Cabrera

2013-14: Phil Dwyer

2017-18: No Nominee

2020-22: Fred Ruibal

1975-76: Bill Appleby

1979-80: Jeanne Barnett

1983-84: No Nominee

1987-88: Joanne Sherrill

1991-92: Audrey Baker

1994-95: Lillian Teague

1998-99: M. Faye King

2002-03: Bill Padgett

2006-07: Robert Claudio

2010-11: Mary Navarro-Aldana

2014-15: Robert Woodford

2018-19: No Nominee


1976-77: Delores Ellingson

1980-81: Fran Pushea

1984-85: Sydney Rogers

1988-89: Sue Woodburn

1992-93: Gloria Grumet

1995-96: Jean Berry

1999-00: Jan Thompkins

2003-04: B. J. Sims

2007-08: Janice Cedano

2011-12: James Thomas

2015-16: Rocio Lopez

2019-20: No Nominee

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