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CWC provides resources to members and local Chapters:
  • Bybee Grant gives support to Local Chapters and members. The Bybee Grant is intended to assist eligible members to defray training costs which enhances their career aspirations and skills in workforce fields.
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Bybee Eligibility Criteria 

  • If you have been a CWC member in good standing for 1 year, recently completed training from an accredited training within a fiscal year, you can apply for reimbursement for some or all your costs up to $750 in a fiscal year. 
  • Qualifying trainings need to be from accredited organizations and enhance your professional knowledge, expertise, and skills.
  • Grants may not be used for institutes, conventions, books or college matriculation purposes or to obtain a degree. 
  • The number of grants available is based on the solvency of the Bybee Trust Fund and each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis by the Bybee Board.
New change to the Bybee Grant effective 7/1/2022. Questions: email cwc.bybee@gmail.com

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  • Motivational speakers present at local chapter meetings as well as at the Annual Conference and District Conferences.
  • Networking to find mentoring/Coaching from other CWC members
  • Opportunity for members to give-back and provide training in their areas of expertise

Professional Development:

Promotional Trainings:

Personal Growth:

Resources for members and organizations interested in workforce development fields.

Becoming an affiliate member connects you to a powerful network of national workforce boards where you can keep your organization in tune with modern workforce issues, begin powerful partnerships, and share and learn best practices to advance your goals. By connecting to our powerful network, you will be able to:
  • Share your priorities, focus and work with other workforce development sponsors.
  • Connect to and network with workforce boards and other affiliates through our online discussion groups.
  • Enjoy all other member benefits such as communications tools, technical assistance and training, legislative updates on funding announcements, professional development opportunities, resources, and publications of import.

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