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2021, March – April

2021,  January – February 

2020, November – December

2020, September – October

2020, July – August

2020, April – June

Please mark your calendars and share with your members the Due Dates for articles and photos for our newsletter. The Cal-Liope is published bi-monthly and is intended not only to inform our membership about statewide and local chapter activities, achievements and plans, but to also serve as a recruitment tool to tell non-members the benefits they will gain by joining our association.

The Cal-Liope is published electronically bi-monthly and a notice is sent out, with a link to obtain the current issue. If you wish to obtain, or re-read a past issue, scroll down to our archives.

Articles and photos are due by the due date each other month:


Jan/ Feb     (Due: Jan 15th)

Mar/ Apr   (Due: Mar 15th)

May/ June   (Due: May 15th)

July/ Aug   (Due: Jul 15th)

Sept/ Oct   (Due: Sep 15th)

Nov/ Dec   (Due: Nov 15th)


  • Please submit your articles as a WORD document
  • Please do not use any formatting
  • Please do not embed pictures in your WORD document/article. Send all photos separately
  • When emailing your photos, send the actual size (do not reduce the size)
  • Please title your articles
  • Under the Title include a “By…… (Your name, local chapter and local chapter office)
  • Send your article as an attachment to your email to Yvette Quevedo at with a cc to Val Moeller at
  • Send your photos (s) as a jpg attachment to Yvette Quevedo at with a cc to Val Moeller at
  • Include a caption with your photo(s) identifying who is in the photo(s) and what is happening in the photo
  • Please use this opportunity to tell our members and potential members the CWC story, your accomplishments, your plans for the next six months, how they can benefit by being a member and even more why they should be an active member

We are looking forward to all your submissions.

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