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Board of Directors

President Melissa Lauritzen
1st Vice President Val Moeller
2nd Vice President Jessica Escobedo
Treasurer Phil Dwyer
Membership Coordinator Lucely Tut
Secretary Nanette Bowman
Immediate Past President James Thomas
Parliamentarian Val Moeller
Executive Office/Cal-Liope Manager Mary Navarro-Aldana
District I Director Tanya Davidson
District II Director Fred Ruibal
District III Director Dadisi Elliott
District IV Director Raymond Cabrera Send an email
By-Laws Operating Procedures Val Moeller
Accountant Robert Woodford
EDD Liaison Sharon Hilliard
Education Chair
Karl E. Bybee Board Chair Arlene Bautista
Karl E. Bybee Board Member Tom Sims
Karl E. Bybee Board Member John Szeibert
Legislative Ad-Hoc Chair
Marketing Chair B.J. Sims Send an email
Membership Chair Dadisi Elliott
Past Presidents Association Val Moeller
Retiree Chair Nanette Bowman
Generation Z Millenials/Ad Hoc Chair
State Convention Chair
Website Administrator
Cabrillo Del Rio - President Val Moeller
East Bay - President Arlene Bautista
Fresno - President Meafou Pomale-Maga
Inland Empire - President Peter Gallerani
Los Angeles - President Dinah White
Los Compadres - President Angel Urbino
Los Tres Condados - President Kimberly Green
Puerto Del Sol - President Rosario Franco
Orange Empire - President Abraham Saucedo
Sacramento - President Tanya Davidson
San Gabriel Valley - President Dadisi Elliott
Silicon Valley - President Fred Ruibal

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