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Bybee Grant

This program is designed to provide financial assistance to California Workforce Connection (CWC) members who want to enhance their skills, knowledge, and abilities in the field of workforce development and services.

General Information


An applicant must be a member of the CWC for at least one year.


BYBEE trustees can approve grant requests up to $500 or two grants per member, per fiscal year, whichever is less. Any request over that amount must be approved by the Board of Directors, of CWC.


Application forms, with required documentation, are completed and submitted by the applicant (member or chapter) to each of the three BYBEE trustees. This is done once the training course has been completed. Two of the three trustees must approve the grant request.

No payments will be made until after the course has been completed and the board has received proper documentation.


The CWC Treasurer will issue payment for approved educational grant.


Appeals must be submitted to the CWC President within 30 days of the issuance of a denial letter by the Bybee Board.


  • The Board will not pre-approve a proposed training.
  • The training must be related to your workforce development.
  • College courses for a degree are not allowed.
  • Keep copies of your receipts, training descriptions, verification training was completed and your application for reference.
  • Email or mail your application with backup documents to the Board members.
  • Follow up with a Board member if you have not received a confirmation your request after two weeks.

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